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HKS Colourmatch 26 – for all colour and typeface addicts :)

Colourmatch is a periodical published by HKS, the offset printing colour system, to publicise a small selection of the 3000 or so HKS colours. Each issue presents a different topic in a specific typographic style. Most of the fonts are produced by smaller type foundries and are shown to their full advantage when printed in spot colours. Since launching Colourmatch, HKS no longer uses any product advertising printed in conventional process colours. Its Colourmatch periodical is a collectable, inspiring medium. Every issue is painstakingly printed in five spot colours and can be subscribed to free of charge at www.hks-farben.de.

HKS Colourmatch 26 – out now !

HKS is reporting about the hawaiian islands. Different script- and display fonts are used. They represent the natural and pacific ocean influenced way of life on the islands.
A map shows the most important data about the main islands. Hawaii is not only famous for its beaches – it also offers great nature and active and extinct volcanoes.
For the first time, there are photos that appear in the colourmatch. They are printed in two spot colours in reticulation style half tones.

As usual it is free to subscribe on the hks-website:

CLMNZ / Clemens Hartmann

Fonts in Use:

»Aloha Script«
by Charles Borges de Oliveira and Pierre Tardiff
Foundry: Borges Lettering

by Arwan Sutanto
Foundry: Locomotype

»Kon Tiki Aloha«
by Jason Walcott
Foundry: Jukebox Type

by Jay Hilgert
Foundry: Albatross

»Thirsty Soft«
by Ryan Martinson
Foundry: Yellow Design Studio

Paper in use:
Metapaper – Touch – white – 145g/m²

HKS 3000+ spot colours:
HKS 4K-90-00
HKS 23K-100-10
HKS 50K-100-10
HKS 52K-100-30
HKS 57K-70-00