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Highlight text affect in illustrator cs5

Evening all,

Can anyone shed some light on how to give text/type used in illustrator CS5 the highlighted effect, where there is a block of colour behind the copy.

I have added a example of what i am trying to achieve below.

Screen shot 2012-03-21 at 23.24.46.jpg


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What Kate said. I'm not sure there is an automatic way of doing it like in Microsoft Word which is what I'm assuming you're asking.
Thanks for the advice, the technique you have both suggested is how i would get around this issue.
I just assumed there was or is an effect you can add to certain parts of text??


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Like I said, there is that exact tool in MS Word. I've never seen one in any of the CS programs though. It doesn't take 20 seconds to do it manually. Create a box, fill it with colour and send it to the back, positioned in the right place.


Staff member
A bit of zag-zig thinking for you but why not get a highlighter, draw the line you want then scan & live trace it? That way you'll have exactly the right line and it wont look man made.