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hi looking for some advice

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone could give me some advice, i'm currently in full-time employment but from time to time i have a couple of hours spare where i do absolutely nothing and sit around waiting for work, i studied graphic design for a couple of years and learnt how to use some programmes such as Illustrator and Photoshop, i'd be looking into getting back into it and earn extra cash in the spare time that i have, so anyways the sort of advice i would need is stuff like a few websites in which i can find clients which are in need of logo designs etc. the process i would have to go through after completing the design (prices, how i receive the payment, how much i should charge).

any advice and comments are welcome, anything would be appreciated!
If you don't have much of a portfolio to speak of, you could try and build it up with sites like upwork or freelancer (dotcom). They aren't the greatest or most reliable form of finding the best clients, but definitely good for a few hours work a week.