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Hi designers, i need your help!


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Hi everyone,

First of all, thanks for reading! I am new to this site and I am desperate of some help from all of the professional talents here.

So here is the story:

Currently I have a logo from a designer a few months back. But the logo has been giving me nothing but troubles. And on top of that the designer disappeared before completing the work and left me a gif. file of the logo. So you can understand what a nightmare that is for me.

There are too many gradients in the logo so it costs me double when getting prints; and i can't alter the logo because it is a gif file and the goat's face is already a bit jagged looking before resizing. So I decided to recreate a new logo which is more printer friendly and suitable to my company profile. It's a small organic bath/spa product company and everything is handmade. I have a few ideas drafted already and I would like some feedback on the draft. Please bear in mind that I did not receive any training on graphic design and i taught myself how to use illustrator and photoshop.

Thanks a lot and hope to hear from some of you soon! :)


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I'll be honest, normally I ignore posts like this... essentially you want opinions on work when you're not a designer, from people who do this for a living (or want to). However.

You've pointed out some key points and addressed them. Instead of making a logo that is only aesthetically pleasing, you've attempted to lower costs of printing by removing gradients, vectorising the image so it can be used at different sizes.

So my thoughts, you seem set on the font, I'm not sure on it myself, there are issues with the legibility. The C & L both come too close to the letters following. However if there are other reasons for using it and hence you will be sticking with it, it could be alot worse. Lowering the C & L slightly improves the issue in my opinion though.

My opinions on the styles:

The bottom two are confusing and not as good as the others. I'd discount them myself before continuing. I don't think they can be worked on as it adds an un-necessarily confusing element that draws the eye too much.

I think the elements in style 4 (left) could be worked with, they just need re-arranging maybe.

Style 3 is the cleanest, and definitely and option, though I prefer the goat on the far left like in style 4 (left)

Style 2 has a lot going on with the tag line, and the font is less legible. Maybe salvagable, but again I'd probably look at the others more.

Style 1 I'm not sure about. :)

Hopefully some of the thoughts will help you move forward (or backwards, but trial and error isn't necessarily bad)
The logo is fairly poor, but you aren't a designer so it's unfair to judge you. I'm not going to comment any further on that as I think you should cut your losses and hire someone who knows what they're doing.

I will give you a little advice about your brand though.

I would recommend against branding yourself around a singular product, if you ever stop making that product, for whatever reason, then you're left with something that doesn't really make sense. It's best to try and pick something that wont change throughout the course of the company. If all your products where made out of goats milk then it would make sense, but I'm guessing they aren't.

You have said that all your products are homemade and everything is organic, which gives a designer plenty of room to come in and design something really nice.


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Thanks renniks, for such a detailed reply. First of all, I did pay someone to design the current one for me, but unfortunately the job was not complete before the designer disappeared on me. I would like to stress that i am not looking to take advantage of the professionals here. i just want your and their opinions so i can move forward from this. The reason why i wanted to remove the gradients is because i did not want gradients in the first place. i just wanted something clean and fresh looking. i have used a couple of different printing company but for some reason, the gradient colors are never stable. It is not always about cost, but if i can do something to avoid the issue, then why not, since i am already working on it.

i will look into the comments you give carefully and make appropriate adjustments. thanks again for your comments in depth. i really appreciate it. :)


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Thanks for the reply. :) i understand exactly what you are saying about the goat and i definitely will think it over before taking a step further. thanks again :)


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Sorry about that , i took it down and was gonna do some changes, but i have not had time yet, here you go

thanks again for everyone's input.


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In my opinion, the current brand image is not suitable and mis represents the product(s). At first glance I am steered towards thinking the logo is for food stuff.
I totally agree with you. It's very unfair to comment as the guy is new to this and obviouslyl not be able to produce a logo of any real quality as he is just a novice. But I think its a good first attempt and you should be commended on your efforts.

But as other people have said, you need to get a pro to do this for you as it is vital to get this right in order for people to take your brand seriously. I'm not getting precious about my profession at all, but too many people think that designing a logo or creating a brand is easy and that by buying some software you automatically become a graphic designer. I understand that there may be a cost issue but this is something you shouldn't scrimp on.

Good luck anyway my friend.


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Onartis, it must be us as I haven't seen anything here since my last post, clearly we're missing something, maybe the logo's a snowman in a snow blizzard.


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Levi's comment made me chuckle, but Magma's really made me LOL :lol:

(did anyone every point out that the lol smiley actually is a rofl smiley? :p)