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Discussion in 'Graphic Design & Logo Design Critique:' started by Munni, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. Munni

    Munni Member

    Hi guys,

    Just wondering if I can have a wee bit of feedback on my 'folio' site?

    The work is not of a great standard at the moment as it's college based projects, but I'll be doing my own more professional things and replacing them very regularly.

    Im kinda intrigued as I've had some people who love it, some who think its whack! But I guess college is about learning this stuff. I managed to get shortlisted for a job though so they must have seen something god knows what?!

    But still, any feedback please? (constructive please!)

    Mon (Aka Munni)
  2. chris_17

    chris_17 Member


    It does the job I suppose, not very exciting though, the images seemed to take a while to load for me as well. In the long term I would get a professionaly developed website rather than a template/host system such as carbonmade.

    Main problems however are that when you first get to the site, I dont know anything about you apart from your name, what you do etc. None of the images make me want to click on them if I'm honest, you need some sort of identity as well, rather than just your name in Arial, but again thats probably a limitation with carbonmade.
  3. TheNoone

    TheNoone Member

    Mr Borrowdale is right!. It has the simplicity though.
    No chance of getting lost on your site.

    Change a picture or two to something a little more appealing and your onto a winner.


    Happy days

    top stuff!
  4. Munni

    Munni Member

    Thanks guys, I agree with both of you.

    The images are almost 'place-holder' images, as I wouldn't have any intenetion of displaying the long-term!

    I'm working on some projects at the moment, which of course are much more in depth and better quality than the ones shown. I just felt I needed some kind of web presence. I would love a profesh website but can't afford one....not yet anyway....and I'm sure a profesh web-designer wouldnt want paying in installments!

    Carbonmade is very limited, as you only have an option of two fonts and three possible layouts (1, 2 or 3 columns). However, that's the aim of the site - to make it an effortless, fussless, clean blank canvas so that the focus is on the work...well, at least what the site owners claim anyway!

    I'm, still very much learning though and degree or not, I do not claim to be any sort of least not for a few months....I'm kind of going through a 'discovery' stage!
  5. 10thWay

    10thWay Member

    Carry on going mate, I'm sure you will get there. As per the site, put a search for 'portfolio web template' in google and you'll be spoilt for choice.

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