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Hey guys

okay, I'm new here so first of all Hello :)

I used to be really into graphic/web design up until around 2 years ago, when I discovered World of Warcraft (sad I know), but I've recently found myself designing website and graphics again. I came in the posession of the newest Adobe Creative Suite and found myself thinking... 'what the hell :eek:'. Not so much to Photoshop, but Dreamweaver mainly.

So really, I just want to know what I might have missed over the last couple of years? Any advice? Programs I should invest in? etc etc :)

Well I'm looking to potentially looking to get into Illustration but don't really know where to start!

I've already got lots of experience using Photoshop and it's elements so :)


New Member
Hi James,

If your looking are designing websites I would use Dreamweaver as a starting basis, anything more serious than that and you'll probably be writing the code yourself. As for the becoming an illustrator, look no further than Adobe Illustrator and getting yourself a Wacom tablet.

p.s. Former WoW addict