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Hey can you tell me what needs improving?


Senior Member
People tend to ignore those who don't give back to the community. But here goes:

First of all. Is it really a good idea to just link through to other people's articles and base your entire (personal?) site on it? I see a few comments on your top link right now. Are those people stupid? They're complementing you on your writing, while they should be complementing the original author.

From a UX point of view your site is somewhat of a disaster. I'm bombarded with information. Every single post gets a more from this category block.
  1. There's no clear indication which category it is, it's on the other side of the screen
  2. It takes up quite a lot of vertical space
  3. There's only an x amount of categories so information is bound to be repeated down the page
So get rid of those blocks. If you really want to show other posts, at the very least show related posts rather than same category posts. But even then, people don't want to see all that next to each post. There's a reason that people put related posts at the bottom of an article: people have just read the article! Right now, I read your title; how do I know if I want more posts like this? I haven't read it yet.

All related/category posts aside. You show your header (which doesn't have enough leading) and then you just repeat that text in what should be a description of what I'm about to read. Why are you linking to this post? Because it's written by a respected designer? Do you agree or disagree with him?

The sharing button is kinda ugly and seems redundant to me. If I wanted to share the article, I would link to the original and not your blog.

I think I'm just gonna end it here because chances are you won't even read it.