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Herb Lubalin Cough Poster


Junior Member
Hi, I'm trying to find work by Herb Lubalin - specifically a poster about coughing. I've been recommended to use it as inspiration but I can't find it / I don't really know what I'm looking for.

Does anybody know which poster I mean? :)


Staff member
did you even google....seriously it's the first picture in google.co.uk images tab

all I did was search for Herb Lubalin cough


I'm not sure how old you are, but surely learning about basic research and resource tools would be quite high on the agenda of a graphic designer?

Back in 2008 google counted over 1 trillion unique URLS that it had indexed. Surely, within one of those trillion websites, there is a pretty big chance that what you're looking for might be covered in one of them. That was almost 4 years ago so I wouldn't be surprised if that number is now at a figure more than two or three times than what it was back then.

Most people don't mind answering intelligent or thoughtful questions - it gives them a little bit of a challenge, to come up with the right answer or even just to think about something they haven't considered before. Now, when people come in and basically say things like "Hi, I'm looking for <enter vague description here>, can you go to google, find it, then come back here and post me the link please?"

You ask questions to gain knowledge or insight into something you otherwise wouldn't be able to get - not to perform a menial task.