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Helvetica - The Movie


Tony Hardy

Has anyone seen Helvetica? Anyone that went to Leeds Met Uni has probably seen the film well enough to be able to transcribe it.
What did anyone think of it? I enjoyed it on first watch, 4th or 5th time you start wanting to gouge your eyes out and ears off.

Is Helvetica really the best and most beautiful font ever made? Do you still use it?
Has anyone seen Gary Hustwit's other films? Objectified springs to mind but I haven't seen it?

Matt Harle

I've never seen the film, but I quite like Helvetica as a font. I've used it from time to time on DVD covers and menus.


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Would you say it's worth everyone having a watch of the movie, Tony? Shame it's not a western, there would be a town serif.

...I'll get my coat.


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People at Uni wouldn't stop talking about this film, "You have to see it" as a designer your kind of inclined to watch the film as its about Helvetica :rolleyes: , tbh I couldn't think of anything more boring.

On another note, what is it with student in general, you wouldn't believe the change from first to last year, for example their change in clothes and music preference changed whilst studying.

For example, we talked about Peter Saville and from then on everyone in my class where Joy Division fans, making shrines to Ian Curtis.

Another one I can remember was a girl wearing "I love Helvetica T-shirt" seriously B)


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Jordan said:
Another one I can remember was a girl wearing "I love Helvetica T-shirt" seriously B)
I can understand that one, it's kind of 'ironic' for a designer to wear it... it's not like we really love helvetica, it's just that it's more of the go to font when all else fails lol

As to music tastes... no idea why they'd do that, I know I was experimenting while at uni (as were others) with new music, I know several people who just went out and bought a random cd each week/month (before digital media really took off) so if it was one or two I could understand it but if most of them did then seriously they were sucking up to the tutor lol