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Helpp please...


Junior Member
Hi people,

I just signed up to this and this is my 1st post so trying it out but I really do have a problem lol

I have just recently started my online business selling business cards, drink coasters, Letterheads, mousepads etc for businesses. However, in order for me to print of my business cards or anything else I need to making those 'bleed' lines and I don't quite get those.

My printing company that I joined needs these bleeds and cut lines to be on the designs I make. Now if it's something simple then sorry but I am 17 years old so all i've been doing is making pictures and stuff and not really gotten into the inside stuff like this so I need to know how to make a design using the bleeds and cut line..

They are saying that the bleed need to be 3mm and the cut line needs to be 5mm from the bleed. So where do i make my design. I'm guessing that the cut-line is used to cut the paper to that size but why do I have to use bleeds? and what am I not allowed to put beyond the cut line and bleed area?

If you don't understand this then let me know and i'll try to put it in simpler terms but thanks in advance :)
Hi ZPatel,

Doesn't your printer have a template for you to use?

The Bleed: This needs to extend 3mm past the border (The Cut) of your document area. It is only important if you are using a coloured background that extends to any or all edges of your card. This allows for a margin of error when the printers guillotine the work. If you didn't add the bleed and, for example, the cutting was 1mm out to the right, you would have a 1mm white stripe down the left edge of your cards.

The Cut: This is the border of your artwork/document where the cut will be made, the edges of the finished card.

The safety Area: This is a 5mm buffer on the inside of the document border (The Cut). This is an area that text is not to be placed. Just think of it as the edges of the card as far as text is concerned. This buffer is used so that the text maintains its symmetry to the edges of the card after it has been cut.

Hope this helps. It isn't rocket science :)

See image below: