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Help, working fo us companies

Hi Guys,

I will be working for companies in USA. Drawing illustrations/comics book.

1. They send me "Voucher and work made for hire agreement" and "COMPANY NAME Services Agreement"

2. I'm not employed, I just move to UK.

3. I want to become "Sole Trade" (or should I register as something else?)

4. How do I do taxes from from their "agreements" ? Should I send them Invoices? or Thir agreements are enough?

5.Also I will be paid in Dollars $, How do I claim it on Tax ? I don't get it....

6.Also Should I register for VAT? I just draw in room, I don't buy supplies etc...

I appreciate your help guys!

Paul Murray

Staff member
I'm no expert but I'll have a go...

1. Beware - work for hire means you won't actually own the copyright to the work you're creating, so you may not be able to display it publicly in your portfolio without permission from the company. Discuss this with the company as you may wish to retain the ability to display work in your portfolio.

2/3. Register as self-employed on the HMRC website - HM Revenue & Customs: First steps to register as self-employed It's quick and easy.

4. Not really sure what you're asking here. Be sure to get confirmation that they agree to pay the hourly rate or a fixed price per job in writing, either as a formal contract or a confirmation email. When you've completed the job, send them an invoice for the amount and when the money arrives put about 33% in a bank account for when you need to pay income tax (HMRC will eventually send you a form to fill in to calculate what you owe, then you pay it in one go, so be sure to keep records of all incoming and outgoing finances related to your business)

5. If you use something like Paypal or even a bank transfer, I would imagine that dollars are automatically converted to GBP, though there's probably a service charge for this (likely you'll pay so maybe consider adding the % onto the total price)

6. Depends.
Thank you !

One last question :

I rent a room/appartment , should I ask my Landlord for permission for sole trader?

I do design/work on my computer in my room.

Can I fill HM with adress that rent and not asking landlord?


You have to let your Landlord know, as it might be breach of contract for your tenancy agreement. Otherwise he can take you to court if you don't tell them and they find out.