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Help: Wordpress & Feedburner

Discussion in 'Website Design Forum:' started by Xenonsoft, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. Xenonsoft

    Xenonsoft Active Member

    Does anyone know why this wont work? I'm pretty sure I'm pointing the feed to the right place but it just wont work. The feed can't be over 512k and I've not used any text-editors which might cause the error.

    Might be a noobish mistake, never done this sorta thing before.

    My RSS Feed
    The place to burn feeds - Feedburner

    Any help appreciated.
  2. Krey20

    Krey20 Senior Member

    Funny you should post this Fred. Myself and TBWCF have been trying to figure out a similar problem with the RSS feed on my site. Especially with email notifications.

    I have a feeling feedburner is the problem, but we haven't figured it out yet.

    Anyone know a suitable alternative to feedburner that is also free?
  3. seems to be a lot of problems with Feedburner at the moment (well 2 problems :p)
  4. Xenonsoft

    Xenonsoft Active Member

    Haha @ Chris.

    It's weird and annoying Ken, tried it a couple of weeks back but it didn't work then either. We must be doing something wrong..
  5. i'll have a look at my feedburner here at work and see if there's anything wrong :)
  6. Silver Firefly

    Silver Firefly Senior Member

    My Feedburner seems to be okay but then I'm using Blogger too.

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