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Help with University Graphic Design brief.

My project brief reads:

"You will pick a trade from the hat and it is your job to produce a piece of communication that explores and celebrates your chosen trade using type and imagery.

You must thoroughly research your trade, it's history and associated imagery and typography. If possible, it would be beneficial to speak to someone involved in your chosen trade to gain more in-depth insight.

You will then use this research to create a beautiful, engaging, informative piece of communication. Your job is to manipulate type and image to convey the essence of your trade and accentuate the craft, beauty and skill associated to your chosen trade."

My chosen trade is Journalism. I have been working on this project for 2 weeks, have collected a load of research, and so far I have 0 ideas.

I don't want anyone to do the work for me, I just really need an idea to do. Any help would be appreciated.

p.s: Some words I was given to work with: Scoop, stories, news, hacking, scandal, stalking, information, investigate, leads, source, uncover, reveal shorthand, truth, lies, corruption, power, determined, patient, persistant, exposure, and undercover.


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Getting Journalism is well timed. There's so much going on with that at the moment. But predominately negative and your brief is about "celebrating" the trade.

If I was working on your project I would look at journalist who brought about positive change through their work. Bring another side to the argument. Not all journalists are bad. They're not all sneaky paparazzi.

That's an idea anyway.