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Help with survey for web app

Discussion in 'Website Design Forum:' started by Wavioli, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Wavioli

    Wavioli Junior Member

    Hi all!

    I was wondering if you could help me out with a survey I'm conducting before I go to work on a web app. It's to help web designers and coders to create CSS sprites nice and quickly, with out all the fiddly maths and messing! :D

    It's pretty short so it should only take 5 min.

    Thanks in advance!

    Web Desingers CSS sprites Web App Survey
  2. AndySmiff

    AndySmiff Junior Member

    Hi Wavioli,

    Just done the survey for you. Hope the app works out for you and i'd be keen to see it in action.
  3. Wavioli

    Wavioli Junior Member

    Thanks Andy, some very useful info there! I'll post up a link to it here when it's finished.

    Appreciate it!
  4. AndySmiff

    AndySmiff Junior Member

    No Problem, looking forward to seeing it. If you want any other comments/feedback or testers just PM me. I'd be happy to help.
  5. Wavioli

    Wavioli Junior Member

    Thanks andy - feel free to pass the link on to anyone you think might help!

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