Help with setting up files for UV printer


Hi Guys,

I have no previous experience of UV printers, and I've been requested by a client to produce some artwork files to be printed onto a coloured foil balloons.

The point of the UV printer is it can print white onto the foil but the designs requires cut outs and masks etc. so I'll need transparency as well as white. Just after some tips on how best to set up the file and what file formats etc I can work with.

It's early days so wondering what questions I need to be going back to the client with, would it help if I knew the model of printer being used. I was wondering if there might be some way I can block out a colour from printing, rather than use a transparency, a bit like green-screen technology. And I've done similar in the past with Gifs, by using an lime green that I know won't be used and being able to index out that colour in the gif.... am I barking up the wring tree?

Sorry for the vagueness, it's a initial discussions of a larger project and a lot of the details haven't been given to me yet, I'm just trying to start to gather knowledge so I don't fall flat on my face later on if I discover what the client wants isn't actually achievable.

Thanks in advance.