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Help with 'print designer'


Junior Member
Could someone please advise me on the correct use/meaning of the term 'print designer'? Does it refer to a graphic designer designing work to be executed on paper e.g. brochures and stationery OR does it refer to a designer working at a print medium such as a magazine or newspaper? I have done both of the above, and are struggling to define/describe myself correctly (I just started looking for a new graphic design job). If the term 'print designer' does not apply to the types of design above, what would the correct descriptions of me be?
Thank you
My definition of a Print Designer is just someone who designs for print (but I might be wrong :)). I've noticed that a lot of designers divide their work in to print design, graphic design (logos, visuals for websites etc.) and web. Maybe call yourself a Graphic Designer so you don't pigeon hole yourself?


Senior Member
I'd describe myself as a print based graphic designer. Most of my work ends up on paper, but that doesn't mean I dont know alot about web/screen design.
I'd call myself a Graphic Designer specialising in print. 'print designer' would be a title of someone who designs for print, ie flyers, business cards, magazines etc... but whether you call yourself a web designer or print designer, you're still a graphic designer.


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Well I used to call myself a graphic designer, but since web design has been around (God I AM showing my age) I sometimes say I'm a print designer just to make the distinction that I'm not a web designer. Though I have now done a couple of websites... so I might go back to graphic designer again. I think I'll probably change it according to who I'm talking to! And I reckon 'web designer' has more kudos and makes me feel young! I've noticed one of the other gals on this forum refers to herself as a 'web mistress' which is fab, and I'd like to use it myself but it would be a bit misleading due to my inexperience. Maybe I could be a 'web maiden'....
I find that generalising yourself as just a 'graphic designer' if your main/only speciality is print is playing up to talents you just don't have (in my case, anyway).

I'm fine with producing web-spec graphics and elements, but the moment it starts to get into the realms of positioning these things in relation to each other on a screen, adding in a dose of interactivity, that's when I run away! Not to say I can't do it, because I have produced websites in the past; trouble is, the designers coming out of college these days already have CSS and Java on the brain, as well as a degree in Flash (does that make me sound like an old man?).

So when I'm asked, I say that I'm a designer and artworker specialising in all things print. I only go into explaining my talents on the web side IF I'm asked...