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Help with physical (non-web) portfolio


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The time has come to re-do my portfolio, the physical one that i take around to interviews etc.

Back in the day I had an A2 leather folio case with actual printed samples, so in effect i could fit 2 A3 spreads of a brochure to a sleeve. I'm thinking that is a bit old fashioned now

My question is, what is the best way to move forward?

I'm thinking of creating an A3 horizontal folio with shrunk down spreads so i fit more on the a3 page.

I'd love to hear your comments suggestions.


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Hi there,

Welcome to DF :)
I would recommend a portfolio box, they're very expensive, but I personally think they're worth it, basically a hard board box that opens up, you can get carry cases to put them in and then use professional sleeves with no edges for your work to go in. I think it's what pro-photographers use to house their portfolios (so I'm told)

I got one from SilverPrint - Silverprint - Store - Browse Products - (in the UK) sure if you search around you can find a local supplier.


PS- Forgot to mention one of the major advantages of them, when you get to your interview/meeting, you can just open up your box and pass around the individual pieces of work, no awkward trying to pass the folder around or the handle not laying flat on the table, etc, etc!


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thanks for the advice. yeah i think an A3 landscape screwpost is the way i'm going to go

Pina Zangaro

can i ask about layout for an A3 portfolio? if you're showing off... lets say a brochure... would you put maybe 3 or 4 shrunk down spread of the brochure on your A3 page?


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Just based on the feedback I've receieved, People often like to see a process - so perhaps 1 page of inspirations, sketches and other relevant documents and the other page a fullsize graphic of whatever your showcasing.