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Help with matching blacks

Nebby 21

Junior Member
Hi everyone,

I'm having a bit of trouble matching blacks. I have downloaded some stock images where the background is a standard RGB 0 0 0 . When I place this image into InDesign to produce some print work, I've created a palette of C 75 M 68 Y67 K90 which is shown as the equivalent of RGB 000 in the color picker. When I render this as a PDF though the blacks do not match.

After playing about for a while the one palette I found that appears to match is Registration, though I've been told never to use this.

Does anyone know the best solution to match blacks when using RGB images such as in this example?

Any help is much appreciated! :)

Many thanks!
Take the image into Photoshop and make it the size you need. Use the colour picker to create the same black in the background, make sure you convert the image to CMYK if for print.

Import the new image into inDesign. Done.