Help with logo!


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hello. I need your help. help in the logo. In general, my work was rejected by a group of designers for unevenness. I understood this and found myself this uneven line of the road right? how to make the road level? Thank you.


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So you're wanting a even line of the road? I can help you, but is this a request or commission? Just asking.
Also, what is this logo for?


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It's not just the road, the whole thing is a complete mess. What on earth makes you think a clip art roo on top of a hand drawn cycle is going to be acceptable? It's awful

Paul Murray

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You really need to go back to the drawing board with this, literally! There's just way too much going on. I don't even know what the ICSC 2019 is from this. It could be something to do with cycling, or security, or both!

I would recommend you sketch something out before taking it digital. If it's simple enough that you can draw it by hand then chances are it's going to transfer well to screen. It looks like you're trying to get across the idea of speed and Australia, so sit down and think about how you can convey this in a single idea. First idea is a speedy kangaroo? You can lose everything except the kangaroo and the type (though I'd pick different fonts), and it will be much cleaner and easier to read straight away.


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Honestly, it's so bad I wouldn't know where to start. Like Paul says, literally go back to the drawing board and research some logos for a start.


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Glad it wasn't just me who thought there were more issues than just an 'uneven road'.... As said it basically needs to be scrapped and for you to start over.


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wow didnt know people still use MS PAINT
Hey now! I still use MS paint, maybe for resizing or extension conversation, but still! ;)

Back on topic - Artiz, I'm afraid I have to agree with the masses on this one. I'm sure your heart is in the right place, but you need more practice. Paul's example is definitely a good starting point that you can use to develop your own work.

My advice, if you're given another shot, let one of us take a look at what you've got before you resubmit your work :)