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help with logo


Junior Member
I was wondering if its possible to change the colour of a logo if its in a .jpg format.
Attached is the image below. I need the red changing to brown and also the text removing. and I poss turning to a .eps format. Can anyone help me on this?


Staff member
I'm sure there are people on this forum who would be interested in doing this work for you.

Please post your budget to help people decide if they can do it.

This forum does not do free work


I hope this one doesn't pay in t-shirts again. I never did get those 47 t-shirts :(

This work can be done and if you post up your budget information as well as specifically which parts you want to be re-worked into the final logo and which parts you don't want in there, what kind of colouring you want (as the second image looks quite dull) etc.


Staff member
Looks fairly straight forward.

It just needs working over in vectors.
Plenty of folk on here with Illustrator skills.