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Help with logo for university society

Hi guys,

I'm new and cannot really be described as a graphic designer myself, but have made a logo that I'm relatively pleased with, in terms of how it looks, but I can't get the background transparent so I can work with it in lots of settings, this is because I don't have the software to use the vector graphics as they are. Would love it if someone could show me how to do it/ offer to do it for me/ install the vector graphics packages that I have and replace them (although, one I don't have the package for). Because it's annoying and I want to use it on the society website as well as membership cards and can't really work with the big white blocks which currently exist behind a few of the graphics that I used.

Any help would be appreciate. If you could reccommend some open source software that I could also use that would be fantastic.

Thanks! :icon_tongue_smilie: