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Help with illustrator


Senior Member
I've been sent this file and im sure there is an obvious method but I cant think how.

I can't make this into one path or something a little easier to use - If I expand appearance it does this - which again, doesn't help.

All I really need to do is make that centre of the "circle mess" transparent - at the moment in either form I cant remove a circle path from that shape/thing.

Help im lost.


Tom Sound

Active Member
Not sure if it's the quickest way but what I'd do is expand it as you have. Draw a circle over the bit you want transparent then select all. On the umm. Not got illustrator handy and can't remember the exact name of the palette but it's the one with the divide tool in it too. One of the tools in the same bit is to subtract the top shape from the one below. This should do it. I think :D
As i can see it from the preview i'd select one of the red parts, then go to select -> same fill color and use unite in the pathfinder-palette :) Send the red to the back by right-clicking it and go to arrange-> send to back.

Then I'd delete the white parts and draw a new circle with the ellipse-tool.

Hope this helps :)