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help with dimensions and page sizing - kinda urgent :)

i first of all sorry i posted this on a thread i started in another section about a job interview i was going for - the interview went pretty well and they want me to go back in. i've to do a test brief for them, an advert for there company to entice more customers.

i wonder if you'll be able to shed some light on something - these are the specs they gave me for the projects (see attachments)

artwork has to be produced at 10% of final size at 600dpi (300dpi min)
dimensions are - w :2890mm / h:1390mm

i have done some artwork in illustrator and i have some typography i want to take into photoshop for effect....so i guess im asking what you'd say the document set up for this would be?

what i have done just now is bring my typo into photoshop for edit with my page being

cmyk @ 600dpi

what you think? am i right or well off?



Active Member
Looks right to me too, only thing you may want to consider in addition is the 5mm bleed and if the size specified includes the bleed or if you'll need to add that on (if required depending on artwork).