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Help with design process

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum:' started by LeonBlack, May 21, 2013.

  1. LeonBlack

    LeonBlack New Member

    I've volunteered to help design a badge for my sons new football (soccer) team. I've no formal training in design, but I'd like to be able to do this as if it was a proper job sent to a design company.

    The way I'm going to do it is as follows

    Badge Shape

    This club is a new one born out of a franchise the coach was involved with. They were very much inspired by South American methods of training (mainly Brazillian) so I was going to look at the kind of badges that South American clubs use for some inspiration.


    The kit they are going to play in is Blue with a white stripe (vertically, possibly diagonally) So I'm going to experiment with colours that could go on top, that will stand out slightly but not too much. But also wouldn't blend in too much with the kit. They may have an away top that is red, so that would need to be taken into consideration.

    I'm also try to use a colour in there that is inspired from Brazil, so maybe a yellow or green.


    There are a lot of South American designs that contain diagonal stripes or a symbol of some type. So I'm going to try and base it around that. Maybe along side some other football/Brazillian icons. I'm going to do a bit of research into this to see what I can find.


    I'm thinking the font should be very clear and bold but will take inspiration from other badges I find in my research.


    As mentioned the badge is primarily for the club shirts but will also be used on their website, club literature and possibly on letterheads for any correspondence they use.

    I'm thinking the badge needs to be not too complicated and work in black and white as well.

    I plan to give them three options to choose from and if they like it, I could do any small changes to the design and/or colours.

    Is there anything anyone thinks I've missed there or not taken into consideration?

    Or has anyone got any tips or information to help me with both the design process and presenting the final designs to the team?
  2. Amy_Alternate

    Amy_Alternate New Member

    Sounds like you have it pretty much covered. You might also want to look into heraldry, which is really more to do with coats of arms (I am not familiar with football but I think some clubs use logos that are at least similar to coats of arms?). Anyway, there are different meanings for different colours and things such as stripes, placement of certain things and even animals.

    Might be worth just cross referencing your initial concept against this to make sure it doesn't contradict.

    Good luck :>
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  3. LeonBlack

    LeonBlack New Member

    Cheers Amy. I have been looking at coat of arms from the town they play in. There are a couple of things in there that I can bring into my design or draw inspiration from.
  4. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    I wish I planned my design projects out like this :icon_biggrin:

    The only advice I can give you is be super careful you're not creating something too similar to an existing design or element from another design. This can get you in all kinds of trouble, though I suspect you should be ok on this little project. Feel free to post any works in progress in our design critique section if you need feedback.

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