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help with conal label

Hi everyone,

In the past when creating labels for conal labels I've pretty much created the label using illustrator's arc feature with a bit of trial and error until it fits the pot properly.

This time I have been supplied the attached template to create the design from and I'm failing to work out how to do it.

Has anybody created artwork for conal labels before using the same sort of template?



Staff member
it's no different to your old technique, it's just got a predefined curvature....

big curve is bottom (top of pdf), little curve is top (bottom of pdf). Flap on left of pdf is where it would be stuck together when 'wrapped' around bottle top.
Ye that side of it is fine, but what I'm trying to accomplish is to create something that would fit exactly to the template, just wondering if there is a much quicker way than spending ages with trial and error to fit something to it exactly