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Help with choosing the right software


My daughter has adopted Videoscribe to do whiteboard presentations. Not knowing a lot about it I have watched her create some.
It is my view that the software is not stable enough to build a business on.

Please, please advise on a better product, that will do the same and more.

Thanks to anyone taking the time to reply.


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Welcome to the forum

To be honest, I've never heard of videoscribe.... can you tell us more about what exactly your daughter will be using the program for so we can maybe suggest alternatives.


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In relation to this and pretty much every other software program this is just stupid. Even installing it yourself it's keeping a log of EVERYTHING you do on your pc, this is a security risk and it is also in somecases a way into your bank account for hackers etc. Simply put there is no need for a keylogger in normal day to day use of a computer.


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Sooo, should we get keyloggers or not Levi, your post was far too ambiguous?!
I haven’t tried that software but its subscription model is criminally expensive for what looks like the ability to have an image of a hand fly about the screen.
Nowhere near as simple, but AfterEffects for full creative control of your visual presentations.


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I was going for the ambiguous type of reply... glad it worked :p

As I said earlier the software they're using isn't something I'm familiar with, it looks like something a school would possibly use on their smartboards but without more info can't really suggest anything. The OP hasn't even been back to the forum so it's a bit hard to give more info.