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HELP: PDF printing problem


Active Member
Been having problems printing copy based PDFs at the minute. They all turn out printing in gooblygook text. Any advice?


Senior Member
You could check the paper size is correct for what size you want printing on. E.g check that you have paper size set to A4 if you intend to print on A4. Sometimes at work the paper size is set to A3 and i want A4 get a big squiggly mess!


Senior Member
I've had problems with acrobat not recognising leading positions and squeezing everything together and using different fonts.

This depends on having the original file to check back to.


Senior Member
Is it clipped to path/text outlined? Printers can do strange things to text! I use one and it make anything Arial Black turn to italic... weird!


I would've tried to remake the PDF (redistill it) and see if that fixes it :) but if making tiffs worked then cool beans :D


Active Member
Sounds like somehow the font is not embedded properly in the PDF. It would still show ok on screen but then could break when sent to print as I think the printer would use the actual font info.

Not much more you can do other than remake the PDF (possibly outlining text first) - or make it into flat images as you have done.