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Help! Newbie Alert

Hi all, sort of a newbie when it comes to HUGE files. I have a layout done for a 3x3 exhibition stand, file is 3371mm x 2236mm at 300dpi, but when sending the stand supplier, the image is coming out all pixelated and lots of artefacts.

Can anyone help me here to keep the file as it shows, file needs to be 200mb or under as well. Preferably using a PDF. I have Illustrator, inDesign and Photoshop all CS6 or CC. Any help on this would be much appreciated.


Staff member
For a large stand the image need only be about 100-150 ppi.

What's your current setup?

I recommend starting it in InDesign and use File>Place to insert your raster images - and similarly for your vector images.

You can set type directly in InDesign.

Export to PDF.

Check out this blog post to see how to find the resolution of your placed raster images http://indesignsecrets.com/whats-my-resolution.php