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Help needed with knockout

Hi guys!

Ok I'm not a designer or printer, but I've designed a logo for our small company and have been in discussions with our printers. Part of it is white and red text on a blue background. They have asked me to produce a high-res image file of the logo (not a problem) but I need to 'knockout' the colour under the red to ensure no overprint.

Also, because we have another logo to use over which we have no control, we need to use CMYK rather than pantone (apparently_)

Unfortunately, I haven't got any professional graphics/design software lying around (!) so have been using microsoft publisher 2013 which is probably lacking in functionality. Does anyone know of any way to 'knockout' using publisher? If not is there any way I can produce what they need without forking out for expensive software?

Thanks for any help in advance!
If you don't have the software, and are currently using publisher, id just ask an actual designer to create it from scratch which will save you money in the long run, as:

a) The logo won't be vector in publisher.
b)You can't spec colours properly, and they will probably rip incorrectly.
c) No such thing as knockout / overprint is available unless your using actual design program.
d) Your going to run into all types of other problems.

Pretty much sums up where you are with this, sorry if i sound harsh.
if you share the picture of your logo, then i will give you complete suggestion. After watching the picture of you logo i will guide you how to manage and how to correct your image.