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Help me!!

Hello all,

I am new to the site and I'm after some advice.

In the mid to late 90's I studied for a BTEC ND in Graphic Design and then an HND in Digital Photography. I then went on to employment in a field as far removed from from those subjects as it is possible to be!

I am now in a position where the job I am in is changing massively and my capabilities for continueing in the job have changed so much so that I COULD very well be made redundant within the next couple of years.

With this in mind I am considering going back to the beginning as it were. I am aware however that the design industry has moved on considerably since I trained. I'm not even sure what area to look at for example Graphic or web design ( I know that there is now alot of cross over between the two.):confused:
So what I'm afteer is some advice on where I go from here which is pretty much zero. Any advice or help would be appreciated.:D

By the way i'm based in the UK.


Staff member
Go to your local college and look to see if they do an evening or refresher type course. It would be the best way to be updated. Maybe see if theres something like an art and design foundation degree or similar that gives you a taste of ALL the main areas.

Having said that the fundamentals of design haven't really changed since the 90's (or before it), it's just the styles and techniques used to achieve the designs that have changed.

Basically most things (initial ideas still use pen and paper obviously) are now done on a computer rather than with pen and ink. The 90's was still fairly new to computing in design but now it's a basic requirement for most areas.
Id have a look around at Behance, Dribble etc for inspiration and catch up on current styles, but as the previous post says, if youve been trained previously you'll find alot of knowledge comes back once you tap into it.

I'd recommend training yourself in web design as that is often the first query for myself that you can then bolt on logo design, stationery design, brochures, adverts, etc onto afterwards and stop them going to someone else. Keep it all in house!

Good luck in your search.....