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Help me!!! Printing issue


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Oh I'm stressing out big time, I've sent so many things off to print this week I'm all over the place...but got an issue...I've sent off a piece of artwork that will be a 'pop-up' (Exhibition stand type thing) and the printers are saying its got rgb in but all the images are tiffs and cmyk and all the swatches are cmyk apart from a logo which was made from spot colours but i've checked the box to change it to cmyk.

Also because there are some effects on some of the type (drop shadows etc) it's making the pdf have all sorts of lines through the artwork?!

Anyone have a clue what i'm doing wrong...this is from InDesign by the way :cry:


have you checked that all the tiffs are cmyk? Also if there are drop shadows try making the elements with dropshadows in Photoshop and making htme into cmyk tiffs :) just to avoid inDesign making them into RGB by accident.

Tom Sound

Active Member
Hi Ally,

Transparency and drop shadows and stuff can play havoc with some large format rips, try outputting as a pdf but use this pdf setting..

Failing that the quickest workaround would be to save the file as an eps from indesign. Open in photoshop and resave as a flattened rastered image. You might need a lot of RAM though. 100dpi should be fine. Save the file as an eps file using maximum jpeg compression, this shouldn't effect quality but should make it small enough to ftp/email.

PM me if you need any more help

Tom :D

That's 100dpi at full size, or scaled so 200dpi at full size excetera...


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I'm not totally sure..but i've just watched a lynda.com tutorial and the yank was going on about that PDF/X 1a:2001 option you said and also set compatibility to acrobat 4 and also to 'check' the box (convert to destination (preserve numbers)... fingers crossed that works!!!

Tom Sound

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:D@ the yank, that Linda sounds like she knows her stuff! I might investigate if they're good tutorials are they? Saw your thread about them and the general consensus seemed positive.

As for your pdf. That's the one, all it does is flatten the transparency on the pdf so it's all made up of opaque objects. With cs3 you can flatten the transparency manually but the 2001 pdf setting does it for you and should be just fine. If they're close enough or you've got time to post one, send them a printed proof for content and position.