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help me !!! colour settings for photoshop

hi guys

another we problem, can anyone tell me what cmyk setting i should be on in photoshop, at the moment im on colour sync cmyk - generic cmyk profile

what is the best cmyk option for me? being in the uk and having to deal with uk printers
I am not 100% sure it makes much difference for us, aslong as when you make your PDF you use "Press Quallity" settings.

Also do you use illustrator? as it has much better colour options for print, and i think its a bit of nightmare using Spot colours in photoshop....
I do know that some printers will ask you to use a certain colour profile, so you should discuss it with them, although personally we always ask our customers to send their files without any colour profile (un-check Embed Colour Profile tick box when saving). We always get good results printing from these files.