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Help making this logo

I want to create a logo, very similar to this...

Only difference is the text.
1. Best program to do this, am I doing it right trying to do it photoshop/illustrator.
2. If anyone has seen a guide to do this, please give me a link.
3. I have been doing some Googling and havent got great results, but I think im searching for the wrong thing. What is the correct term for this graphic.

this is what I currently have, and I want it too look like the above.



Junior Member
I'd use Photoshop, basically I would put the logo on a layer, get a grid on, say 5px boxes, and then basically fill in the grid squares with ellipsoid circles. Once you've done that, just add a an outer glow using layer styles and maybe lighten up the circles by 30% to make them look like little shining lights.

Hope that helps, sorry if I've confused the hell out of you :p


Senior Member
Firstly, stop using Myriad. In fact, don't use Myriad for most things. Secondly, a quick look on dafont will yield lots of similar looking fonts to the one you need:

Clubland Font | dafont.com
DS-Point Font | dafont.com

Thirdly, continue to work in Illustrator and save a 'clean' version of your logo - a black/white version that has no effects applied.

Fourthly, open up Photoshop and follow psynai's advice on outer glows.