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Help for noob

Hey, im new to web design but it is something I am really enjoying learning. Im 17 and still at school, so so far its has just been self taught. Im making a personal website but I think it will only look right on 1440x900 resolution displays (as this is my monitor resolution), for instance in smaller ones the image will be out of place and menu etc.

Could anyone help me with this?

Website is the one in my signature.



Senior Member
You shouldn't use absolute positioning to place your elements.
And you should place that large image as a background, so your css should change to something like this:

#content {
background: url(images/content.jpg) left top no-repeat;
width: 960px;
margin: 0 auto;

Those last 2 lines will center your content div, so you can take off the align="center" in the html.

Next, take off all this from #content1 and #c1image
position: absolute;
top: y;
left: x;

And set
#content1 {
float: left

And the other one to float: right.
Finally add a <br /> tag exactly below your c1image div and give it a class and in css set it to clear: both

All of that should fix your main problem. But in all honesty, the entire site is built quite badly. Keep at it though, there's lots of online tutorials about coding out there, you'll get the hang of it.
You can look up applying secondary CSS styles. Basically you make multiple CSS style sheets, each for different resolutions, and then theres a script on the HTML file that calls to the different CSS sheets depending on which resolution the user has.