Help for a billboard specification


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Hey guys I've been asked to do a billboard but have never done one before. I was sent this specification and I have understood most of it. I'm unsure of the settings for the export atm.
I worked on photoshop and have completed the design with the frame size and safe area ruled in and i have a few questions

Where it says artwork must be presented at 10% i've basically reduced the frame size to 200mm x 300mm at 300 dpi and im not sure if that is what it means.
what file should I export it as?



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Ok - the specs as I see them:

Your trim size is 1934 x 2972

And at 10% that's 193.4 x 297.2
You will also need to add bleed - so set that up as 1mm (working at 10% it will be 10mm when output)

Your file size is then 194.4 x 297.2

Document resolution should be 300ppi

Add guides in photoshop for 1mm left and right and top and bottom - this is the bleed area.

You will also need to add guides for the safe area which is now 188.4 x 292.2 - this needs to be added with guides.
(I'd draw a rectangle shape at 188.4x299.2 and then centre it to the canvas - add guides around it, then delete the rectangle.

This safe area is now where all the content should appear, nothing should appear outside this - except anything that is going to bleed off the artwork.

Use all vector logos as smart objects - use Vector Shapes, use Vector Masks. Use type layers.
Then export the file as a PDF x4a with crop marks.
The crop marks will be at where the bleed is as Photoshop doesn't allow bleed - so you will have to highlight that there is bleed added and at final output it's 10mm bleed.
The filename should be something like - <Filename_Vx_@10%.pdf>

I think that about covers it - if anyone else has any other ideas/thoughts on it?