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Help! - Creating 3D Graphic in Illustrator

Has anyone go how to recreate the £5 graphic to look like the Summer Clearance. it was done in illustrator originally by someone else, and I want to create the £5 to match it, but can't for the life of me get it to look similar enough.

notice the slight curved edge to the black shadow on summer clearance



Senior Member
Hi there, nice to see someone else from Ipswich about the place.

As for your problem:
Copy the £5, put a big stroke on it, making sure you set it to rounded corners, once the outside stroke is about the correct size, outline the stroke and merge the shapes into one vector. Then set it behind the text and just nudge it over for a small offset. You might have to play around with the final shape to get the perspective right.

Not sure if hat will work perfectly, but it's the first thing I'd try.

Oddly enough these sort of text effects are very easy in the horrible MS Word Word art. As a last resort you could do it in Word, export it into illustrator and trace around it. But that's a last resort!

Hope that helps.