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Help as a client, is this professional?


I wanted to ask designer's opinions on this. I recently emailed somebody for a logo design and gave them a brief of what it was for and what kind of brand identity I was going for along with some logo references. I explained that I wanted only a logo designed and that if it's something I like I would be interested in paying for branding design.

After asking the price for the logo, I was told to name a price by the designer's agent (as he does not speak english - she deals with international clients) and we agreed on $300. The designer came up with some rough sketches. I explained what I liked. He then sent another few rough sketches. I explained which one I liked and to try a different variation as to compare so we can choose the final from there. He then sent the next rough sketch but ignoring my variation request. I then thanked him and politely asked if he could try the variation I asked.

His agent then emailed saying that he cannot work constantly on rough sketches and that if I wanted more she would have to ask for an additional fee and then also stated that once they send a final image (vectorized etc) they can no longer send any more revisions.

The thing is his work is great, its pretty much exactly what I want but I feel as though the process isn't very professional. I feel it is a bit unfair that after a final vectorized image is sent I cannot get any more revisions.

Just wanted your opinions.

PS. The agency is legitimate and seems to have done work for some big clients so perhaps the asking price was too low?


Paul Murray

Staff member
From what you've said I don't think it's professional to be honest. Ideally you should have been told the process beforehand i.e. you're paying for sketches and a single vector version that doesn't include revisions, in order to decide if you wanted to go ahead or not. Sketching is necessary to get across the concept of a logo, but a final vector version inevitably will need some tweaks, colour shades and hues for example, until you as the client is happy.

I understand them charging for additional time if a client is asking for constant revisions, but you should have been told this at the start. Honestly £300 for a logo is quite a low price considering there's an agent acting as broker too. I wonder just how much of that fee is actually going to the designer in the end.


Staff member
First thoughts when reading that... the 'agent' is milking you for all you're worth and the designer is getting pennies. Odds on the designer is from a country where the relative pay is a lot lower than the UK and something like $300 is enough for them to live on for several years (just look at how many '3rd world' designers are prepared to work for peanuts).

Any company can stick a load of logos on their site and say they've worked with xyz, doesn't mean it's true and for all you/we know they could be going through legal action to have them removed for false representation. In essence they're about as reliable as testimonials on a site.
The designer and agency are based in Japan where the cost of living is quite high, but I made a mistake I actually offered £300 which would make it around $430. I just feel for that price it was not so much to ask for 3 different sets of rough sketches (each time getting closer to what I wanted) but then again im quite new to this.

I feel like as you said the agent is milking it a bit. The artists work is what Im looking for but im just at a point now where im afraid to give my input and ask for changes etc. and I feel im being forced to settle on something. I feel as though with the next email when im sent the final version im going to have to add an extra fee of maybe £100 or more for revisions in the hopes of maintaining a good relation and getting the best for my logo.


Staff member
I might be wrong but this sounds a little suspect to me.
A logo through an agency for $300 sounds rather cheap to me.
You don't really agree to a sketch, pay your money and then get a vector. Doesn't really work like that.

I'd just be a little cautious before you start handing money over.
Anyone can register a .jp domain. It doesn't mean they're in Japan.
A list of high end clients doesn't mean they've actually worked for any of them.
Anyone that can type can make up a client list.


Staff member
From Japan... I find it highly unlikely that the graphic designer can't speak English to a 'reasonable' level as they've had that on their educational curriculum for years although obviously it won't be quite the same as our version due to the differences between English and Japanese language structures. We've all likely heard the term Engrish being used to describe Japanese/Chinese English.

I'll also say that what you've described so far does not fit with my understanding of Japanese culture (I like Japan, their culture and enjoy Japanese anime/tv shows by the way)

Can you give us a link to the site, it will give us a better idea of the company you're dealing with.