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Help - Advice about graphic design jobs!


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Hey everyone, :)

I think I'm in an odd predicament.

I never took a course in Graphic Design because I was more of a painter and so successfully attained a Fine Art degree.

A few years later, I was given the opportunity to work for a small music/film company due to the trust of its CEO. I had to learn how to be a graphic designer from scratch, creating artwork for CD and DVD covers and a few ad's here and there.

I've been working there for nearly 4 years now, and as the years have passed the company's employees have diminished, meaning that I am the only designer; which I guess makes me the head designer?:confused:

Recently, I've been thinking about finding a new job because the company's position doesn't seem to be as stable as it used to be. However, I'm not sure whether I'd be fit enough to be able to tackle the design jobs out there due to my lack of experience in working in a team, my narrow and limited experience in the products I have been designing (just CD/DVD & ad's) and my knowledge of all the programs I've used.

I can use Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and Quark.

I'd love to apply for a middle-weight or senior position but I'm not confident that my abilities would be worthy, or that the employers' wouldn't give me the chance to prove that I'm a good learner, intuitive and adaptable.

I should add that I'd preferably need the salary to be more or less around my current salary of 27K as well.

Any advice about what I should consider in terms of my next move will be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and sorry for my first of many meandering posts. :p


I will be honest with you Origin81 :) you will be very lucky to get a job for 27k in this current climate.. but thats just from experience of people tightening their belts.
that and you already replied to it? :p

when you say just CD & DVD covers, do you have examples of your work? Your creation process? Did you work with pre-press and printing set ups?

There's a huge bredth of things you could have done :)

Also, having had experience will stand you in some good sted, but as you said you can always learn more. Why not look into an area of design you'd like to go into and study it? (not necessarily in a school environment, but through books, inspiration and the interwebs in your own time). Make sure your portfolio is up to date, web site etc. Try getting a few freelance gigs to widen your portfolio/knowledge maybe?

However, as it was mentioned, depending on luck, skills and availability you'll be lucky to get a job of such a calibre in this climate :/ But nothing is impossible :)


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I don't have examples of my work with me on this computer but I can make them available soon.

I didn't realise that 27K was reasonably decent, which is because I don't have any real understanding of salary average's regarding design jobs.


What usually happens is that I'll receive a release schedule of all the products (CD's/DVD's) the company will be releasing in the sequential months and I'll work with the production manager/sales manager and general manager about how to go about designing the particular products on release.

I'll research the artist in question to try and find a theme or style that suits it. Once I've produced the artwork in Photoshop and it's been approved, I'll place the files in InDesign/Quark specified templates and create PDF's to be sent off to a particular manufacturer.

How's that for ability?

You see, I don't know how bad/good I am that's why I needed some help. Obviously, without actual work to show any of you it will be synonymously difficult for you to make any kind of accurate judgement.

Thanks for the advice guys, I'll take it on board.

Agreed about the salary, you are on quite good money there.

If I were you I would build some other work examples from home while at this place, maybe a little project to show you can be creative and do other stuff, then if things do go pop at this place at least you're a little prepared.

Examples of typography, logos, layout anything would help to bulk out your experience and portfolio.

How big was the company before? You mentioned more designers, are other people feeling the same way, you are in a good position because you are their only designer!