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HELP! Adobe Illustrator newbie

Hi everyone,

I know I sound very stupid in asking this but is there an easy way to match a vector object to align with a background vector path, rather than manually adjusting each image....I hope I make sense :S



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Think I know what you mean but excuse me if I got you wrong.
To align say "Hendrix" to the path just make sure the object is grouped and select them both then click on the one you want to align to and a more solid path should appear around the selection.
Then just hit the align preference you want.
I want to be able to move any object and match that object to fit the contour line of the background path. Rather than use envelope warp to adjust each object manually. Just looking for a quick way of doing it....oh god, reading this back makes sense to me but I can imagine it doesn't to anyone else haha
so let me get this straight, you want to align your text inside the back text outline while moving the white hendrix text?

sorry just having trouble understanding what you want to achieve *laughs*