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Hello to you all - Logo Design

Hello Guys,

I have read a few things on here and have been sitting in the wings for a few weeks.

I used to be in design years ago but strayed away to run my own business in another field 6 years ago. I have now been getting up to speed on web design and intend to launch my web/design business by the end of the year.

I have put together this logo and was wondering what you thought of it.

Its good to get some feedback




Staff member
first impressions: looks like an 'on' not 'cm' which I'm assuming it's supposed to be from the company name. Also kind of looks like an igloo/house with a window and door on the blue one.

Not sure you need all the gradients, have you tried plain versions?

clear magic also sounds like a cleaning product or firm (there is one called this according to google)
hi cheers for the feedback.

the logo is a play on cm yes but i quite liked the look of it as a symbol as opposed to it being seen as as cm or om.

The gradients are the as its a large version so think it works well. on a scaled down version it will be solid colour.

Clear Magic? cleaning company? you got me, thats my business. I want to keep it as it doesnt really mean any one thing. when i originally thought of that name i thought It can be viewed as many things or nothing at all. I guess virgin airlines doesnt mean a load of un used women on a plane :) (although that would be nice)


Staff member
I was just saying how the name doesn't necessarily scream out 'design' when I was saying that it's more 'cleaning'.

If you like the shape then you could play with some separation between the c and m but I'm not sure it's going to work.

At the end of the day the logo you choose has to represent 'you',personally though I'd be going back to the drawing board as I'm not sure it fits with the name.
Thank you for your input Levi, its appreciated and any constructive critique is welcomed.

It may not scream design but i don't think its screams cleaning neither. I think we'll have to agree to disagree on that one, as the name doesn't imply anything specific.

Anymore input gladly appreciated.


Junior Member
Definitely needs more work IMO... The "Clear Magic" font looks similar to the brand Clearasil & the grey logo doesn't suit the blue BG... As Levi mentioned the "cm" looks too much like "on"...

When thinking about designing logo's remember... Less is more. Maybe try the "cm" on it's own. It looks a little like 2 logo's have been joined together...

Good luck with your business, I'm also currently thinking of setting up my own T-Shirt/Apparel design bizz, though I haven't even settled on a name yet... >.<

I look forward to your development of this logo, I think it has a lot potential...
Thank you for your feedback.

I will have a further play tomorrow and see where i can take it.

I personally don't think it looks like 2 logos but i can see what you mean.

Lets see what tomorrow brings... :)


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I actually thought the grey/blue looked like an artistic take on an elephant, with the trunk wrapping down left and back in on its self.... hrrrmmm go me!


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that makes the main part look even more like 'an'

Try taking a step away from that design and do some other sketches, perhaps not focusing on combining the letters together
that was the first idea Levi, as i just wrote, i was just illustrating the elephant the previous poster was mentioning.

Don't be quick to jump ;)

I'm gonna have a go at some different sketches tomorrow and see where i go with it.
Ok, i had a play this morning but couldn't work the logo anymore as things i was trying weren't looking right.

I've just banged a few other ideas together, see what you think of these as concepts, i have 2 i think are usable and able to move forwards with



Staff member
are you using pen and paper before doing these designs?

It appears very much like you're restricting your ideas to what you can do in photoshop/illustrator


Seems to me like you've got one type of logo set in your mind and you don't really want to stray too far from it. The designs don't really work and I believe this is partly because there hasn't been much thought put into it and partly because you don't have a substantial design process to allow for polished designs.

I don't know about your educational background but I strongly urge you to begin working on a logo development process which takes into account various different factors; such as competitors, target audience, values, creativity etc. You can't be creative whilst working through a limiting medium such as Photoshop.

Go and read up on how to create a morphological matrix (specifically for graphic/logo design) because this will help you to develop a range of logos that will be of a much higher quality. It will also help you to be more creative and come up with a much more unique design.