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Hello to you all, I have got a couple of questions to ask graphic designers

Hello to you all, I have got a couple of questions to ask graphic designers especially freelancer and thanks for the reply in advance.

1. Do you as a designer print the client work or give it to them to print?
2. How do the client pay you and what's saver? e.g cash, pin, stage payment etc
3. What’s the best marketing/promotion strategy for a graphic design?
5. Who are the or where will the ideas place for designer to promote them-self.
6. Ideas how many customer per week or month
7. Ideas price
8. Insurance
9. How long does the average web site takes to build? Do you charge per pages or project?
I am confident in my print base but web is a bit effie joined this forum to try and get better at web design and business side of designing.
When I was a student applying for jobs in graphic design related field a lot of company and people have very different approaches to designing website which get confuse needs a bit of clarification about stuff, like CMS.

planing on building my website really soon. www.k-fad.com

Thanks for the reply again I still got more question but, cant remember at the moment.
Don't wish to sound harsh but I really think it's sounds like you're nowhere near ready to start freelancing. Are you currently working in a design role or just recently graduated? A lot of your questions have come up in various threads on here before so I'd start by going through all the old posts in this section of DF.

You will have a lot of questions but need to be more precise in what questions your asking to get a decent response.