Hello GDF looking to hire artist, illustrator or graphic designer on artwork for soon to be released single (music)


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Hello Everyone,

Thread's in the title. Looking to hire someone to create artwork for a song that one of our artists is about to release.

The song is here - https://soundcloud.com/andneverdies%2Fmoney-moves
Similar Artist for those interested in this type of sound
Kendrick Lamar
Tribe Call Quest

The name of the song is money moves... so anything that cleverly references/plays on capitalism and or the "everyday grind" we all face for the "almighty dollar" is good.

For example... something like a cheque, credit card, or atm screen with the typical information you'd see on the screen or card replaced with things related to the artist just to sort of give you an idea/mental model of the feeling we're attempting to communicate with the artwork.

If you liked what you heard and would like to produce and collaborate on single artwork for this song then shoot me a pm or post in this thread and I'll message you with further details.

Thank you,

Audio Never Dies.