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Hello, GD Start Up Advice

Hello Folks

Just joined the forum, changed career about 18 months ago, moving away from the Building Trade (just too old now to do cilvil work) moved into Promotional Merchandise & its been going ok for now but as the old year ended i decided to try & teach myself the basics in Graphic Design instead of losing my £s on a weekly basis paying someone else, my projects are not too difficult, i do my own sublimation stuff, Mugs etc also DTG & Screen Print Tees, Embroidered Polos etc & i also outsource a lot of work i.e. Pens, Key Rings etc i am sure you'll all know my game well enough , fairly common these days .

So where do i start ? got myself an Old but decent enough Mac to start the learning process & said il join a good forum to get some start up advice from the folk in the know .

Seriously i am looking to start at the very bottom so i am looking for a basic starter soft wear to use that will show me enough to get messing around & fairly competent over the months ahead .

Any advice at all will be very much appreciated folks

All The Best