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Header and footer. files

This is on the same lines as my other thread about PHP, but as it is not using PHP I thought I should use a new thread.

Is there any way without using PHP and a MySQL Database (haven't ruled that option out Chris) to make a file footer and header using html? :confused:

Thanks in advance. Alex

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You could use Javascript, to bring in a text file maybe, Object tag, AJAX, Iframe, Frame's for that, but all of them would be far from advisable. PHP is the only way to go as all of them would cause you massive problems and most would take you a long time to implament than a simple PHP include. My answer in your last thread should solve your PHP problem if not just give me a shout.

You have to remember HTML is stateless and static meaning it can't remember code to bring in in certain areas, for that you need something that is complied at the server, something like PHP, ASP, JSP etc....anything else wont be seen by users, code wise or the search engines and would probably slow the page load time down considerably.

There are reasons to bring in certain page aspects via iframes etc... but that is going far beyond what you require. :)