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HBO's True Detective - Main Title Sequence

haha hopefully I'll get that call for the next project :) - I haven't actually seen it Tony. So much I keep not watching. I did random see Hebburn over here in Aus and it reminded me of home, great to hear the accents!
The studio Antibody who produced that also produced this! Great piece.

Tony Hardy

Basic said:
I did random see Hebburn over here in Aus and it reminded me of home, great to hear the accents!
Haha, next weekend, my band are playing a show in the pub where that's filmed.


Senior Member
It's a pretty tasty title sequence but I really dislike this new trend of ultra long titles like those on Boardwalk. 1:30 seconds x 24 episodes x 8 seasons = over 4.8 hrs of watching the same thing. That's enough time to watch both seasons of The Office and the Christmas Special and still have time to make an omelet.

Sean Lee-Amies

I completely agree with you. I personally don't understand why they force people to sit through long credit sequences. Because of the level of detail, I do make myself watch it all the way through just the once, because they do look good. I'm just not interested in the name of the person who picked the outfits and after the one watch I ALWAYS skip the credits.

The only time I keep something playing once its finished is if I like the credit music, otherwise it's off straight away!

Tony Hardy

I watch it once per series, always at the start, see if it's changed, then after that, fast forward.


Active Member
I always watch the title sequence at least once, the longest one I've watched is True Blood that goes on for agessssss!!

Title sequences aside - what about Alexandra Daddario's scene in episode 2! She didn't look that special in Percy Jackson! :eek:
The title sequence is the most interesting part of the show, but it doesn't last long enough, so I watch the rest of the episode as well : )