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Have you heard of this company?

Hi guys i got this email today asking me to use their website for advertising and my press releases for free. They are new and i just want to see if anyone else has/is using them and if you guys think its legit.

Sorry about the forwardness of this email, but we need your help.

Addictive Creatives, launched at the end of January 2011, is a new online magazine that is marketed at all of the creative industries across the UK. In our first 2 days we generated over just over 900 unique users to the site delivering just under 2,000 page views.

We have developed, and continue to develop relationships with arts and design councils, government backed design programs and most importantly universities, colleges and schools across the UK who supply us with content and news for the site. We are developing relationships with creative freelancers, advertising agencies and design companies every day to ensure we have a steady, industry driven content filled site.

However the core of our content is supplied by businesses from the spectrum of creative industries both traditional and digital, in the form of our "Addicted Creatives Showcase" and "Addicted Business Showcase" features where we interview our users and showcase their work to the creative community and to potential clients as well as individuals from the industries who volunteer their time to write content for us.

The reason we decided to target all of the creative industries is that more and more businesses are diversifying into new fields to ensure they survive the current economic climate, the people behind the site themselves moved from solely offering print design, desktop publishing and typesetting services to a full digital, print and marketing service, so we know first hand how difficult it is to break into new markets.

We are contacting you as we would love to have your support in any way you can give it by including us in any further press releases you are issuing, taking the time to submit your business for featuring on the site or having your staff and yourself featured on our Addicted Creative interview series.

Just to confirm, we do not charge for featuring any editorial, or articles, our revenue is generated by sponsors to the site which allows us to cover our operating costs and remain free to consume media.

If you are interested in supplying content, our email address is infoATaddictivecreatives.com and for more information regarding getting featured can be found at addictivecreatives.com

We hope we hear from you soon


Alan Anderson
Editor/Owner Addictive Creatives
hi, just noticed this, I was the one who sent the email ;) Addictive creatives is my project and yes it legit, and honestly its a free to consume media, theres no hidden fee or anything.

We set it up to bridge the gap between design disciplines and the ethos is to grow and showcase new/existing talent. I will be honest with you, we cover our costs through advertising on the site so that we can keep the content side free, no tricks. I got your email response and will have you posted today.