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Have a go Illustrator


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Hi all,

I have just made this info graphic within illustrator, I am by no means an Illustrator and very rarely use the software, but had a lot of fun making this graphic.

Just looking for some feedback in regards to improving it and techniques you would like to share with me.

Still is a working progress, when I get some time I will be introducing a background ect.



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Byronc not sure how long it took, probs around 2-3 hours. Gonna do some more on it tonight correct somethings. Yeah Levi I am going to change and make it all 2D.
Yeah, the drop shadows can go.

The 'creativity' text is not very visible. 'Inspection' text would be better fitted horizontally as I didn't understand what it said right away.

Try to sign post the viewer. Decide what you want to see first and last and emphasise the content by emphasising it more or less.

Overall it feels a little empty, with the top right corner seeming to want something covering it.

Not sure if I like the outer stroke to all the graphics.

(No idea why I wrote in this very static manner ^^ Anyway, good job! Looking forward to see updates :) )


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I thought the creativity text was one of the more visible ones. :s I was thinking of maybe putting a sign on the inspection or maybe creating a little man to stand there and be the inspector, would be fun.

Yeah It is a little empty, I am going to add a background, just undecided on what needs to go there to be honest.

I quite like the shadows, I think they give the image some depth? Going to keep working on it, quite enjoy doing something different from my normal day to day tasks.

I will keep you posted with updates.