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HartleyWillprint BAD SERVICE!!!!!

Discussion in 'Printing & Print Design Forum:' started by Chris Wiltshire!, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Hi there,

    Just thought I would warn you of these time wasters.

    I have had to get 2400 labels printed for some products such as shampoo, conditioner etc, for my client. I spoke to a sales manager and went through everything etc and had a quote of an agreed price of under £300 to get them printed, I then spoke to another sales person and everything was fine all good to go, so went out of my way to pick up a sample and paid £25 cash for it, so that my client can see the quality etc. The quality was alright, a bit thick and not totally water proof as they aren't a proper label company but it was the best that can be done with the amount that the clients wants to pay..

    I then went over the price and details with the printer AGAIN and everything was fine and correct. The client then pays me ( paypal took a fee £11 ) so that I can put the order on, I then wait 2 days for them to print the labels but then I get a call from the printer saying that they have given me the wrong quote and its going to cost £1,702!!!!:icon_scared::icon_scared:

    So basically they have costed me £45 as I have to refund the client (paypal will charge me again), Made me look stupid and wasted my clients time!.
  2. Tony Hardy

    Tony Hardy Well-Known Member

    Have you got written proof and quotes etc? Even in electronic format?
  3. yeah, I spoke to them over the phone first and then they sent me the quote via email, it was also confirmed in person when I picked the samples up aswell.

    ARRIVALS Well-Known Member

    Companies like this do my nut. I'd send them a letter, quite a snotty one, explaining everything they'd agreed to and then changed, then tell them you wont be working with them again.

    Short of doing that, there's not a lot you can do, perhaps stand outside and warn other people off.
  5. MattyBalaam

    MattyBalaam New Member

    I can't help with the printers, but you can either part-refund with paypal for free (and also get back any percentage commission Paypal takes) or you can send a 'gift' payment, which also incurs no fees.
  6. Yeah its a pain,

    They are also ignoring my emails now.

    They were quick to answer when they were after the money but now they don't care. It feels as if they have ripped me off by quoting me a low price knowing I would buy a sample and then suddenly change the quote.
  7. Yeah luckily because I have refunded the client, paypal has also refunded the fees.
  8. Out of interest - what size were the labels, and how did you fulfil the order?
  9. bigdave

    bigdave Moderator Staff Member

    I'd be tempted to sent the printer an invoice for your out of pocket expenses due to their misquotation.
  10. mcrman

    mcrman New Member

    What size where the Labels?
  11. Dominic Hartley

    Dominic Hartley New Member

    Hi Chris
    First of all, I'm very sorry that you had issues with HWP. The first I heard about them was when my new boss sent me the link to this site this morning. HWP went into liquidation just after Christmas and the staff are now spread far and wide. I rang my ex sales manager to question him. He siad that he was aware that our junior sales rep in conjuction with an outwork supplier had completely miscalculated a quotation and had gone to him with the error. My sales manager then contacted you with the bad news. I have to say that had I been made aware of the situation I would have compensated you in some form or another as client satisfaction was of paramount importance to me at HWP
    Dominic Hartley
  12. Hi Dominic,
    Thanks for your reply,

    I understand that Hartley Willprint went into liquidation as the cheque that I was issued for the sample costs bounched back, Jones and Giles have sent me out some paper work regarding the liquidation and a part that I can fill in to receive some of the cost back but have been told you will be lucky to get anything and so I've just left it.

    As for someone contacting me regarding the new quote I was contacted via phone call by your junior sales rep and after that I had an email stating -

    "Please find attached your revised costings ref the Shampoo Labels and except our apologies for the misunderstanding with the previous quotes .
    If you wish to proceed with these labels can you please contact ***** who will be pleased to process the order for you ."

    I appreciate you saying that you would have compensated me in some form of way if you had been contacted, However all I got from HWP was an apology and a new quote.

    As you say customer satisfaction is a big factor as I lost trust in HWP after a big mistake like that, also my client who I had done alot of work for lost trust in me and have gone else where resulting in a loss on both your side and my side.

    Thank you.
  13. pcbranding

    pcbranding Member

    Good thread and well put, Chris.

    If you need 'proper' label printers, PM me - packaging graphics is my thing and I deal with some of the best in the UK.

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