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Harry Roberts 960 > 997 Grid System

I read this on twitter Friday briefly, and then took a good look this morning and made a lot of sense from something so simple!

Why did we ever start with the 960 when this method could have always been used? I did a website for a client a few weeks ago who wanted the site as wide as possible. I made it 960 however he was'nt happy and asked me to make the site 1020 wide, he demanded this width. So following the clients demands I did it. It's less than 1024 so I thought well, why not.

This is the reason I like this little page from Harry! Take a look!

The 997 Grid System


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It's no 983 grid system though is it! much nicer prime number, more difficult to use, but when you use it right, just WOW


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Ha ha ha - fair play Harry, you cheeky, witty F*%k! - nice work - defo too much time on your hands though! Suze obvo isn't round often enough - or if she is you let her spend too much time on your iPad while you're geekin it up : ) - either way - good on you!


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Someone (can't be bothered to trawl through) posted up a new Grid system on some site or another that gave 18 more pixels over 960, or something silly like that,

Arguing the extra real estate gives more freedom (while removing the divisibility of 12/16/24 columns (and extra's if you want them)) and removing the standard 300px column that ads come in (?)

Also claiming 960 was dead

So Harry made this, a 1 column, larger than 960 px, less than 1024 px (-margin), grid system, to take the piss :p but we now worry people have taken him seriously