Hand prints using a tablet.


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Hi all,

I'm using a Wacom Intuos pen and touch tablet as I'm trying to teach myself some design skills.

It got me thinking, I'd like to use my daughters footprint in a design but I can't figure out how I can do this.

Is it possible to use the tablet to get a digital print of her foot or am I going down a route that's impossible to do?

Here's what I'd do:

Make a footprint of your daughter traditionally, with ink and paper.

Scan it at a high resolution.

Take into photoshop, covert to bitmap so it's just black and white (no grey)

Save that, bring it into illustrator and use the vector trace, delete the white pieces, Bam. Vector baby foot. You can size it infinitely and make it whatever color you want.

By the way, you don't need a tablet for design. I have yet to work at an office with tablets in it. Tablets are more for illustration than design, although some say they can be helpful for design. Personally, even though I do have a tablet at home, I still use a mouse for my design work.


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Of course, I tried scanning again with some work in Illustrator and it came out better. I'd have preferred a little more indent on the inside of the food but I'm happy with the results.

Thanks for all your help and suggestions :)